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Courts in India are inundated with millions of cases and persons in conflict situations are tormented by inability to secure quick redressals. It will be wrong to assume that the malady resides in inefficiency of the judicial system. It is just that the courts are ill- equipped to deal with many types of cases that are brought to them. The forensics of legal reasoning are seldom necessary to deal with many a commercial dispute that spring from strains from business dealings and matrimonial disputes that arise from emotional causes require a trained mediator who is willing to listen and help parties to communicate better to resolve their differences

A mediator does not force a settlement on parties. She does not necessarily make parties shift their positions to cede something unwillingly to accommodate the claims of one against another. Settle for More is the strategy.

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K.KANNAN is an accredited mediator, having had his formal training in 2005. He had sucessfully mediated several cases assigned to him when he was a lawyer practising at Madras High Court. His mediation work started at Kurinchipadi, a hamlet village near Cuddalore and Thiruporur, Chengelput District, they were amongst the first mediation centre in India.

After being called to the Bench in 2008, he was at Madras High Court for a brief period before he joined Punjab and Haryana High Court, Chandigarh. As a member of the High court Committee for mediation, he mentored several practision of law to take to mediation practice. As it is he had also held discussions with the law faculty at the Rajiv Gandhi National Law University at Patiala and Punjab University to help them passion their curriculum for mediation and as a subject of study in the law schools

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